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Virgen de la Leche.Antón Peris.Museo BBAA.Valencia.

Breastfeeding in art

Virgen de la Leche.Antón Peris.Museo BBAA.Valencia.

From 19th Century
Cotidian scenes - II

Las cigarreras(detail).BILBAO MARTÍNEZ, Gonzalo .1915.Museo BBAA .Sevilla.Spain.
Gonzalo Bilbao
Las cigarreras.BILBAO MARTÍNEZ, Gonzalo .1915.Museo BBAA .Sevilla.Spain.
Gonzalo Bilbao

With the background of The spinners of Velázquez, this composition develops in Tabacos's Factory of Seville, where in a labour relaxed environment one of the cigar-cases, placed in the first plane, realizes a recess in her work to nurse her son. This maternal scene provokes the emotional attention of the most near companions, which creates a vitalist and cordial environment, whereas the remaining ones continue with her routine work of manufactures of cigars. This linen is, probably, most known and celebrated of that Gonzalo Bilbao realized of social topic, being able to be considered to be a picture author of novels of manners, regionalist and simbolista at the same time
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Les marchads de caries (détail).1884.Musées Royaux des Beaux Arts.Brusselles.
Leon Frédéric

La journée faite.Jean Charlez Cazin.1888.Musée d´Orsay.Paris.
Les âges de l´ouvrier.Leon Frédéric.Détail.1895-7.Musée d´Orsay.Paris.
Leon Frédéric
La paye des maissonneures.Leon Lhermitte.1882.Musée d´Orsay.Paris.
Leon Lhermite
Maternity.Renoir.Musée d´Orsay.Paris.
Materniy.Van Gogh.Particular collection.
Van Gogh
Saltimbanqui con una diadema y dando el pecho a su hijo.Picaso.1905.Tate Gallery.London.
Maternity.From Côte d´Ivoire.s XIX-XX.Metropolitan Museum of Art.New York.
Côte d´Ivoire