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Virgen de la Leche.Antón Peris.Museo BBAA.Valencia.

Breastfeeding in art

Virgen de la Leche.Antón Peris.Museo BBAA.Valencia.
Religious art. Virgin and Child
Virgin of the Milk in Spain

Italo-Gothic art
1.-Narrative and ingenuous character. Approximation to the spectator.
2.-Many persons to figure a situation: musical Angels, donors, ?
3.-Naturalism. Faithful representation
4.-Incipient worry for anatomy and perspective.
5.-Golden Funds: To centre the spectator
Virgen Torroella de Mongrí.Lorenzo Zaragozá

Virgen Torroella de Mongrí
Lorenzo Zaragozá

In the Gothic epoch the topic of the Virgin of the Milk is represented by an accessible Virgin surrounded with musical angels that entertain Jesus' nutrition and which one allows to the mother to sit to give the breast as a Virgin of Humility. In the Virgin with the Child of the hermitage of Holy Caterina de Torroella de Montgrí, the child embraces with both hands a mammary gland that emerges for a buttonhole of an elegant garment. Jesus' gown has a few suggestive representative little birds of the soul that, redeemed of her captivity, search I shelter in God.

Virgen de Tobed
Virgen de Penella (Cocentaina).¿Lorenzo Zaragozá?
The Virgin of Tobed, probably of the painter Jaime Serra, of the collection Roman Vicente of Saragossa, places between 1.370 and 1.397. There presents also a reclined Virgin who with her hands of graceful fingers embraces and receives a baby dependent on the painter. Again the archaic style stays of manifest for the lack of expressiveness of the angels. It is interesting to observe the portrait of Enrique II of Trastamara in the low right angle.
The Virgin of the Milk proceeding from Penella's sanctuary (Cocentaina) in Alicante, she proves to be to us also a Virgin sat with the stylized hands that support tenderly a baby who also holds on the chest(breast). There is interesting the detail of the stars of the garment of the Virgin, who is surrounded by an angelic courtship, isocefálico and uniformly.
Vigen de Leche.Hermanos Serra.s.XIV.Museo BBAA.Zaragoza.Spain.
Verge de Llet. Bertomeu Baró.
Verge de Llet. Destorrents.
Virgen de Leche.Maestro de Villahermosa.s. XIV.Museo BBAA.Valencia.
Virgen de Leche.Maestro de Villahermosa.
Políptico de la Virgen de la leche.Detalle.Bernabe de Modena.1372-6.Santa Iglesia Catedral.Murcia.Spain.
Bernabe de Modena
Pere Serra.1390.MNAC.Barcelona.
Retablo de historia de la Virgen.Maestro de Cubells.Colección particular.
Maestro Cubells
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