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Virgen de la Leche.Antón Peris.Museo BBAA.Valencia.

Breastfeeding in art

Virgen de la Leche.Antón Peris.Museo BBAA.Valencia.

Religious art
St. Bernard of Clairvaux.The lactation miracle.
St. Bernard of Clairvaux rwas the son of Burgundy nobles who after joining the church became an auster cleric and author who forswear wealth and images, is closely associated with the Knights Templar regarded as the author of the Templars rules and was one of the principal forces instigating the Second Crusade.
St. Bernard is also curiously connected to the Madonna or Vierge . There are two existing legends concerning lactation of St. Bernard. The first version describes how Mary appeared in a prayer to St. Bernard, and sprinkled milk from her breast on Bernard's lips. With this gesture she showed him that she is his "mother" and that she is prepared to mediate for him with her son. The second version describes how Bernard falls asleep between a prayer. Mary appeared and put her breast into his mouth in order to receive the wisdom of God.

Vision of St Bernard.(detail). Murillo.Museo del Prado.Madrid.
Vision of St Bernard.Murillo.Museo del Prado.Madrid.
Murillo.Prado Museum.
Vision of St Bernard.(detail). Murillo.Museo del Prado.Madrid.

The iconography of "Lactation of St. Bernard".
To smooth the situation of which the Virgin donates her milk to an adult, The Virgin is represented to certain distance of the saint, it way, it will be necessary to paint a trickle of flow of milk. In addition, the Child is in arms of the Mother though he is not sucking, so that he authorizes the " donation of milk " .San Bernardo is in the habit of being in a low plane (he is human) and with the close hands (sign of prayer) or with the separated arms (sign of gratefulness).

Vision of St Bernard.Bellegambe,Jean.1532.Université de Liège.
The Vision of St Bernard.CANO,Alonso.c.1650.Museo del Prado.Madrid.
Aloso Cano
Vision of St Bernard.Claude Mellan.1650.
Claude Mellán
Vision of St Bernard.Christus Petrus.1475-1520.Université de Liège.
Christus Petrusi
Vision of St Bernard.Juan Correa de Vivar.s XVI.Museo del Prado.Madrid..
Juan Correa de Vivar
Vision of St Bernard.Retablo de la Virgen de la Leche.Anotnio Peris.s XV.Museo BBAA.Valencia.
Antonio Peris
The Vision of St Bernard.s XIII.Museo Diocesano.Palma de Mallorca.
Vision of St Bernard.Joos Van Cleve.
Joos Van Cleve
Lactation of St. Bernaard.Flemish school.1480.Musée d´Art Religieux d´Art Mosan.Liège.
Christus Petrus
Lactation of St. Bernard.Museo BBAA Zaragoza.
Vision of St Bernard.ROELAS, Juan de las.1611.Hospital de San Bernardo.Sevilla.
Juan de las Roelas
The Vision of St Bernard.Juan Carreño.1668s.Museo Pastrana.Guadalajara.Spain.
Juan Carreño
Vision of St Bernard.Talla policromada.s XVI.Cañas.La Rioja.Spain..
La Virgen entre san Benito y San Bernardo.Maesto de Borbotó.Iglesiade San Feliu.Xàtiva.Spain..
Maestro de Borbotó