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Virgen de la Leche.Antón Peris.Museo BBAA.Valencia.

Breastfeeding in art

Virgen de la Leche.Antón Peris.Museo BBAA.Valencia.

Religious art
Christian Charity
Christian Charity is a type of Christian iconography, at least since the Renaissance. At the root of this allegory are the contrasting aspects of human love versus divine love, the former intended to illustrate human love's fragility and the latter the immortal love of the human soul. During the Counter Reformation, the theme of a beautiful woman nursing her young undoubtedly would have been recognized as an allegory for Charity or Love. The woman might also represent a personification of the Roman Catholic Church, her children representing the human soul hungry for spiritual nourishment provided through the Church's sacraments - a decidedly Catholic doctrine rejected by most Protestant denominations.
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Allegory of Charity.Cranach,Lucas the elder.Museum of Fine Arts.Bruselles.
Lucas Cranach
Allegory of Charity (detail).Cranach,Lucas the elder.Museum of Fine Arts.Bruselles.
Lucas Cranach (detail)
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Charity.ANDREA DEL SARTO.1518.Musée du Louvre, Paris.
Andrea del Sarto
Allegory of Charity .BLANCHARD, Jacques.1636-37.Toledo Museum of Art, Toledo, Ohio.Blanchard
Allegory of Charity.Blancahrd.1633.Louvre Museum.Paris.
St Thomas of Villanova. CAFFA, Melchiore. 1663.Sant'Agostino, Rome.
Altarpiece of the Purification CAMPAÑA, Pedro de.1555.Cathedral, Seville.
Pedro de Campaña
Allegory of Charity.Cranach,Lucas the elder.Koninklijk Museum voor Schone Kunsten, Antwerp.
Lucas Cranach
Allegory of Charity.Ecole de Fontainebleau.1560.Musée du Louvre.Paris.
Asa -Jehoshaphat-Joram (detail).MICHELANGELO Buonarroti.1511-12.Cappella Sistina, Vaticano.
M.Angel Buonarotti
Allegory of Charity.Pierre Puvis de Chavannes.1887.Musée d´Orsay.Paris.
Pierre Puvis

Theological Virtues.RAFFAELLO Sanzio 1507.Pinacoteca, Vatican.

Magnesitmarmor.Kai Nielsen (1919).NY Carlsberg Glypotek.Copenhaghen..
Kai Nielsen