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Virgen de la Leche.Antón Peris.Museo BBAA.Valencia.

Breastfeeding in art

Virgen de la Leche.Antón Peris.Museo BBAA.Valencia.

Religious art
The Holy Family - I
The Holy Family (St Joseph with the Virgin Mary and the Child) was an iconographic resource that became popular in the Renaissance, but already it existed in germ in the Nativities of the Middle Ages. One spread in the art of the Counter-reformation, that it stimulated the worship to the Holy Family.
1.The Holy Family (in strict sense)
Habitually the Virgin is represented giving the breast to her son in the first plane. In background, with minor protagonism, to the right or to the left, is represented St. Joseph, which seems to be pendeinte of offering more food to the child (fruits, especially) or enclosedly flowers or a branch of cherries. Only in a picture, that of Zurbarán, St. Joseph appears also in the first plane

Holy Family.Joos Van Cleve.The Hermitage.St. Petersbourg.
Joos Van Cleve
Holy Family.Gossaert.Convento de las Clarisas.Gandía.Valencia.Spain.
Holy Family.El Greco.1585.Hispanic Society of America.New York.
El Greco
Holy Family.Maestro de Santa Ana.s XVI.Museo BBAA.Valencia.Spain.
Master of St. Anne
Holy Family.Andrea del Sarto.1630.Museo del Prado.Madrid.Spain.
Andrea del Sarto
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Holy Family.Adriaen Van der Werf.1714.Amstelkring Museum.Amsterdam
Adriaen Van der WERF
Holy Family.Francisco de Zurbarán.1659.Museum of Fine Arts.Budapest.
Francisco de Zurbarán
Holy Family.Luca Signorelli.1490.National Gallery.London.
Luca Signorelli
Holy Family.Maestro del Papagayo.s XVI.Museo BBAA.Sevilla.Spain.
Maestro del Papagayo
Holy Family.Rembrandt.1630.Alte Pinakothek.Munich.
Holy Family.Joos Van Cleve.1507.Metropolitan Museum of New York.
Van Cleve
Holy Family.Joos Van Cleve.1515.Metropolitan Museum of New York.
Van Cleve